1. How can I backup my data.?

The app comes with a feature to backup the whole EverydayTasks-database into a file to be backed up by you. This file can be used to restore on new app installations. If you enable App backup by Google all data is automatically backed up and restored.

2. Why is the progress bar on the Schedule page waving?

If your task is overdue more then the half of the origin time, it may really time to get it done. Therefore it is waving.

3. I want to receive notifications before a scheduled task is actually due. Is this possible?

Right now this is not possible, you receive the notification when it is actually due. But you can use the overview dropdown on the Schedules page to see an overview of the number of upcoming due tasks.

4. Can I create my own task categories?

No, this is not supported right now. Also changing or deleting them is not supported.

5. What is the sense of having “Around”-values?

This is just if you not really know how long you actually work on a task. Of if you don’t know when exactly you started on doing it. So it is only for task logging. In comparison tracking is exactly to the minute.